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Treatment Options

Sessions can either be scheduled in person or virtually

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Healing with Messages

During the session hands are placed near each of the the seven chakras in the body so that heavy dense energy can be removed and be replaced with high vibration energy.  Leaving you feeling lighter, peaceful and more at ease. Psychic messages that come through are given towards the end of the session. 

Reiki Healing + Medium Reading

Receive all of the benefits of a reiki healing session (listed above) plus individualized messages from passed loved ones, angels and/or spirit guides. This will help guide you on life's journey and help with the healing process.

Reiki Treatment
Tarot Reading

Medium/Psychic Reading

During this session I will bring through evidence from passed loved ones/angels/guides, and then bringing through the loving messages they have for you.  This helps to bring about healing and can help with closure. 

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